Divorce & Separation

The breakdown of a relationship is inevitably very stressful.

The actual process, however, of obtaining a divorce can be surprisingly straightforward and very rarely results in either of the parties having to attend Court. The process is usually done by correspondence between the solicitors and the Court. Generally nowadays, when a relationship breaks down, people think in terms of dissolving it relatively quickly. There can be times, however, when separation for a period of time before proceedings are instituted is preferred and occasionally people separate with no intention of formally dissolving their marriage. In these events, separation agreements, whether of a short term or a long term nature, can be appropriate. On rare occasions when people want to formalise their separation but for religious or fiscal reasons prefer not to have a divorce there can also be a judicial separation.

Miles Preston & Co has great experience of dealing with these situations and if you want to discuss either the possibility of separating from your spouse or having a divorce you should not hesitate to get in touch with us.