Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Over the last few years, we have observed a significant increase in the number of people who want to enter into pre or post-nuptial agreements to regulate the financial arrangements between them during marriage, on death or in the event of divorce.

The law in England and Wales has been changing recently such that these documents are now much more likely to be enforced, making it all the more important to take specialist legal advice. Some of the more common reasons people have for signing a pre-nuptial agreement are as follows:

  • A desire to agree future financial arrangements at a time when the relationship is happy, so as to avoid the need for difficult negotiations or litigation if the relationship breaks down.
  • Older couples who already have children from other relationships and want to ensure that, in the event of their death or divorce, some or all of their resources pass to their children rather than to their spouses;
  • In cases where there is a significant imbalance in financial resources, a desire to protect family inheritance or pre-acquired resources in the event of a breakdown in relationship.

We recognise that the majority of people who enter into pre-nuptial agreements fervently hope that they will have long and happy marriages and that their documents will end up in bottom drawers, never to see the light of day and we know that discussing financial matters while planning a wedding and, occasionally, being on the receiving end of pressure from family members or friends, can be very stressful and emotional.

We are able to provide both specialist legal advice, including in complex cases with an international dimension, and also sympathetic support in what can be an emotional process.