22 April 2024

Miles Preston Senior Partner, Marcus Dearle, presents at the ALM Private Client Global Elite Exchange at Borgo Egnazia, Italy, 21-22 April 2024

Marcus Dearle

On 22 April 2024, Marcus presented on the ‘No Luke, I am (not) your father’ session on the highly complex subject of international surrogacy law. He highlighted the legal pitfalls that are often only discovered when it’s too late. Marcus stated:

The desperation to have a child often outweighs all other considerations;

Banning surrogacy completely as happens in Italy and other jurisdictions is not the answer: it only drives surrogacy underground – away from the vital regulation of the courts.

Marcus was one of the first lawyers to specialise in surrogacy law in the UK from 1999 (and later in Hong Kong). He acted for the surrogate mother in a case involving an international surrogacy arrangement which went wrong in W v H (Child Abduction: Surrogacy) (No 1) [2002] 1 FLR 1008, and W v H (Child Abduction: Surrogacy) (No 2) [2002] 2 FLR 252. The case attracted international media coverage including from the BBC and CNN.

He has since 2001 been a leader in the call for international surrogacy regulation.

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