Cohabitation & Civil Partnerships

More and more couples decide against marriage, preferring instead to cohabit, but what are the implications in the event of a split?

How often does a client tell us about his or her ‘common law marriage’ only to discover that it does not exist? How is property divided? What happens to the children?


We can steer you through the difficult law of cohabitation. Not only that, but we can help you to avoid the legal wrangling which sometimes accompanies cohabitation breakups.

Clients should think about entering into an agreement to regulate their arrangements with a view to an orderly exit if there were to be one.

If children are involved, there may be applications to be made relating to them; parental responsibility, child arrangements and financial claims. The extent of the court’s powers can sometimes come as a surprise.

  • It is little known how complicated this area of the law can be
  • We focus on the issues and set out to resolve them expertly and without fuss
  • We aim to provide clear, sensible and cost-effective advice throughout what can sometimes be troubled times
  • We consider all options in the client’s best interests. Is mediation an option? What about early, round the table meetings before litigation becomes unavoidable?

Civil Partnerships

A significant change in the law came into effect in December 2005, when gay and lesbian couples have been able to register their relationships as civil partnerships.

We provide legal advice about:

  • The legal rights and responsibilities of couples who have chosen not to enter into civil partnerships, including those relating to children and financial matters
  • The legal implications of entering into a civil partnership
  • Pre-registration agreements (akin to pre-nuptial agreements)
  • The process of dissolution of a civil partnership

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