Divorce & Separation

We know how stressful the breakdown of a relationship can be. The process of obtaining a divorce can be surprisingly straightforward and rarely results in either of the parties having to attend court.

The procedure in the main is completed online in electronic correspondence between solicitors and court. The reason for the relationship breakdown rarely impacts on the way the finances are dealt with.

No fault divorce has been introduced in England and Wales with effect from 6 April 2022. This introduces in effect divorce on demand, with a process over time. Generally, it will now take a minimum of six months from the start of the divorce until the grant of the final divorce order.

There can be times when separation for a period of time before proceedings are instituted is preferred and occasionally people separate with no intention of formally dissolving their marriage. In these events, separation agreements, whether of a short term or a long term nature, can be appropriate.

Where you file divorce proceedings can make a significant difference to the financial outcome of the case. You may be entitled to divorce in more than one country and we will help you to decide which jurisdiction to file in:

  • In some circumstances it may be necessary for you to file proceedings in your home or a foreign jurisdiction speedily
  • Occasionally, we may advise you to take legal steps to prevent your spouse from proceeding further with a divorce in another jurisdiction when you have already filed in your chosen jurisdiction
  • We will also advise you at all times of the non-financial consequences of filing at home or abroad

On rare occasions when people want to formalise their separation but for religious or fiscal reasons prefer not to have a divorce there can also be a judicial separation.

Remember, it is not always just about the money.

Marcus Dearle
Senior Partner

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