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Marital resources can sometimes be readily identified and valued, but not always. We are experts in navigating our way around what can often feel like a financial maze.

The resolution of property and financial claims between divorcing and separating couples is a central part of our work.

We establish, as quickly and efficiently as possible, the resources to be shared and provide sound and reliable advice on the sharing of those resources. We are often involved in cases involving trusts and assets overseas.

We aim to resolve and reduce issues as early as possible. If court proceedings become necessary, we will deal with those proportionately and commercially. We are only too aware of the danger of costs running away.

We know the value of skilled and effective negotiation both in and outside the context of court proceedings. We have a well deserved reputation of protecting our clients’ interests.

  • Too often, we hear of firms with clients who feel undervalued or sidelined by the legal process. It is our aim to work hand in hand with our clients
  • We understand the value of team work and know the rewards it reaps
  • We work closely with the top barristers, accountants, actuaries and other advisers in the very best interests of our clients
  • Every step and decision is taken with the client’s interests uppermost

We know that dividing marital resources can be stressful. Our expertise serves to demystify the legal process and to provide reassurance and confidence to our clients.

Julia Stanczyk is highly experienced at the conduct of cases at all court levels and is often praised by the judges for her efficient costs-management.

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