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The number of cases we have with an international dimension has increased significantly over the years. London is a truly international and cosmopolitan centre with people from all parts of the world working and living here.

In financial proceedings, the implications of where the case is handled and which country’s law is applicable can be extremely significant to the amount of provision that has to be made.

In the event of marriage breakdown or problems relating to other personal relationships and children, the jurisdictional aspects of a case can be enormously significant, both in terms of the practicalities of handling the matter, and also in terms of its potential outcome.

Miles Preston was a founding member of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL).

  • This Academy was set up in 1986
  • The initial membership of the Academy was about 60 lawyers from Europe and the United States
  • Over the years the Academy has grown and there are now more than 900 members representing about 66 different countries
  • This network is invaluable to the firm as international cases require cooperation between lawyers in different jurisdictions. We need to know that the lawyers we deal with are competent and our involvement in the Academy helps us with this

If you believe that your case involves an international dimension, it is very important to take legal advice quickly. Time can often be of the essence.

With the recent addition to the firm of Marcus Dearle, who is also an IAFL fellow, and is the Chair of the Family Law Committee of the International Bar Association, practising both in England and Wales and Hong Kong, our international footprint has been significantly extended.

Marcus heads our international divorce and trusts unit. Unusually for family law practitioners, we represent trustees in international divorce and trust cases as well as spouses.

Given our involvement in some of the leading and highest profile high and ultra-high net worth divorce and trust cases in Hong Kong and London, we have the experience and expertise to handle the most complex of cases.

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