About the firm

Miles Preston is the original leading boutique divorce and family law practice in London with a specialism in international divorce and trust cases

Two of the original founding partners are still with the firm – Miles Preston and Julia Stanczyk. The partnership has been strengthened by the addition in 2000 of Anna Nice, in 2013 of Harriet Wait and 2021 Marcus Dearle. Following its success, a number of other boutique practices have set up in London.

  • Our team has extensive experience in depth handling high profile international divorces. We have particular expertise in unravelling complex trust and company arrangements
  • We handle the personal aspects of each case with discretion, empathy and with a focus on damage limitation. The overall aim is to achieve the best possible outcome for both financial and children issues
  • We set a foundation for stability and safeguarding future relationships, minimising acrimony, disruption and distress with particular expertise in handling cases involving parental alienation

Your approach certainly got me out of a nasty divorce…… I carried on ….not engaging [in] provocative or contentious behaviour with the children’s father. So your foundation set a course, and this allowed our children to grow up emotionally stable with divorced parents.

How we work

  • Our ideal is to achieve fair terms of settlement by negotiation but, when this is not possible, we pursue court proceedings with commitment and expertise
  • Conscious of concerns about the impact of legal costs, one of our key priorities is to advise clients on how best to deal with their difficulties in the most cost effective way
  • We are regularly consulted on a preliminary basis by people who are undecided whether they want to take steps to end their relationship or not. In these cases, we encourage “one off” meetings as a means of helping people analyse and explore the implications of the possible routes available to them. Visiting us for such advice very often results in clarification and simplification of issues – and sometimes a solution being found which avoids the needs to take the process further. In other cases, such meetings highlight the need to take action
  • The firm has close links with tax, pensions, valuations, insurance, educational and other advisers whom clients may need
  • Where appropriate, we are also able to refer clients to mediators, counsellors or therapists to provide help and guidance through what is inevitably a very stressful time
  • The firm also has strong links with other specialist family lawyers around the world, underpinned by Miles Preston and Marcus Dearle’s membership of the International Academy of Family Lawyers – a group of about 900 top specialist family practitioners in 66 countries

It’s a shame that divorce can’t be fashionably like this. It would save a lot of harm.

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